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Disable Client Upgrade

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Disable Client Upgrade

Postby DanielC501 on Thu Sep 11, 2008 4:14 pm

It think it would be nice if the agent software had an additional option, or change the current option, to disable the upgrading of the client. In our organization we have had people who would download the latest version of DameWare MRC console, install it, and not realizing what they're doing start updating the agent software. By the time someone realizes that someone's doing it, we have to call them, tell them to stop and back out all the updates they've done. We've changed the "Upgrade Information=" line in the DWRCS.INI file telling them not to do it, but it doesn't really PREVENT them from updating it. Especially if they ignore the message and hit Enter, the default button is Yes, update the agent. Since we have the downgrade option set, the person using the standard approved software has to remove the service and reinstall it to get around it.
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Re: Disable Client Upgrade

Postby Marty on Tue Dec 30, 2008 4:20 pm

Hi DanielC501,

Thanks for the suggestion. I can't say definitively if this could be implemented, as we always recommend using the most current release of the software to ensure you are using all the fixes, features, and enhancements available with each new release/update. But, I do understand your situation.

Anytime you connect to a remote machine that is running a different version of the client agent service, the application will attempt to upgrade/downgrade the service to match the version of the application to ensure proper functionality. There is a setting within the client agent service called "Disable Version Downgrade" which (when enabled) will prevent the service from being downgraded when someone attempts to connect with an older version of the application.

Also, whether or not the application can establish a connection with an MRC client agent service of a different release version depends on if there was a protocol revision between the two versions. If so, the application will attempt to upgrade/downgrade the service to match and if the "Disable Version Downgrade" setting is enabled, the connection will not be established if the application is of a lower version than the client agent service.

I hope this information helps.
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